The 3 main advantages of being represented by a small law firm

When looking for legal representation many people always face the age old challenge of whether to seek the services of a large and well known law firm or going for a small law farm. There are many arguments that can be fronted in support for or against either options so it mostly comes down to individual preferences and probably the magnitude of the case and what’s at stake.

In this article we are going to look at the 3 main advantages of being represented by a small law firm.

You can be guaranteed of 100 per cent commitment

Most small law firms are always very deliberate in the cases they take. Because trials can get a bit expensive they will prefer taking cases they strongly believe they can win and will dedicate their time and resources in winning these cases. This therefore means that as a client you are guaranteed of 100 per cent commitment from the firm. The same can’t be said about big law firms because they will mostly have a huge number of big money clients keeping them on retainer hence their attention is mostly on these clients. This means that many of their other clients may end up not getting undivided attention.

You will get personalized treatment

Most of the time, clients who are represented by small law firms have the advantage of having a close personal relationship with their lawyer hence the services they receive are more personalized. The client is almost always guaranteed of VIP treatment. This may not be the case in big law firms because their relationship with their clients is usually purely business because the lawyers may not have sufficient time to get to know their clients personally because they have so many of them.

There is seamless communication

When working with a small law farm the probability is high that you will always have one lawyer who you will always be in contact with. The benefit of this is that there is a minimal probability of communication breakdown as communication between two parties is mostly seamless because there are very few barriers. When dealing with a large firm however, chances are that you may be represented by a team of lawyers therefore depending on how busy they are, you may end up dealing with different lawyers every time. The more the lawyers you deal with the higher the chances of a breakdown in communication because one may fail to update the rest of the team on an important issue hence affect the case.

As you are looking for a firm to represent you, it may not matter what the actual size of the firm is but rather the quality of time the firm will allocate in handling your legal issues. Therefore you must always seek to find out whether the firm is capable of giving you its undivided attention.