5 tips on how to identify a great lawyer

In our previous post, we looked at qualities that determine a good law firm. This time we are taking things further by giving you a few insights on how you can identify a great lawyer. The profession of law is not just about how well a lawyer has a grasp of the law, but also requires lawyers to possess a couple of other attributes that will help make them great at defending their clients.

Let’s look at 5 tips on how to identify a great lawyer.


They must have great research skills

The process of coming up with a winning legal strategy will require a great amount of research and this can therefore be achieved by someone who’s great at research. The only way to identify legal precedents which a lawyer can make reference to as well as identify other pertinent information that will help the case can only be attained through research.

They must have good analytical skills

Lawyers are meant to be able to take in large pieces of information, decode them so that they can make legal sense out of them. This is the only way they can use such information to come up with winning legal strategies. In order for a lawyer to be able to do this, they will be required to have good analytical skills.

They must be creative

Being a lawyer isn’t just about merely knowing the law but rather being able to creatively make legal arguments with the knowledge of law that you have. This is because law has been structured in a way that it’s open to varied interpretations therefore a lawyer needs to be very creative in order to be able to come up with smart legal arguments that can convince a judge and/or jury to see things in favor of their client.

They must have good people skills

The primary customer of a lawyer is people. They will always need to interact with people whether it’s their client, witnesses, the judge, jury and even fellow lawyers. Spending a big chunk of their time interacting with people requires them to have good people skills in order to be able to achieve the ends they want by interacting with these people.

They must have good writing skills

Lawyers spend more time writing than they do speaking. This is because they will always be required to write legal briefs as well as make some of their submissions in writing. The only way they can be able to do this is by having good writing skills. A good lawyer will not just rely on their assistants to do their writing they must be able to also handle these writing tasks on their own.

If you are out there looking for a lawyer to represent you, these are some of the qualities you must prioritize and actively look out for. You can easily tell whether they possess these skills through your initial interactions with them. All you need to do is pay close attention.