Our Services

uReviewsis an online legal magazine that aims at increasing access to informative, insightful and educative legal information to enable people in need of legal advice to make informed legal decisions. We focus on providing a wide array of services from this platform that will enable you be able to make sound legal decisions.

These services include:

  • Provision of legal information as well as educational materials on legal issues.
  • Empowering litigants who prefer self-representation to learn all about court rules and procedures, as well as various civil and criminal law topics.
  • We offer referral services to parties seeking legal resources.
  • Through our interactive platform we provide our readers with an opportunity to ask legal questions which lawyers on our platforms will provide answers to.

On our platform we will make it a point to maintainthe highest standards of confidentiality. But just as a reiteration, uReviews is not a substitute to actual legal counsel, we are the platform you go to as a first step to get a clear picture of where you stand legally and get a crash course on legal issues so that by the time you seek legal counsel, you are doing so from a point of information.